We are a group of tutors who share the same goal of being excellent mentors that teach students the value of hard work, perseverance, and persistence to help them achieve success in their academics! Our aim is for students to maintain consistently great results at school while also enjoying the process and journey of learning.

Each tutor specialises in English and Mathematics subjects and focuses on small groups of no more than six students in a session. We strive to help students catch up with their schoolwork so that they can move onto more advanced work and get ahead of their school curriculum. This will ultimately boost confidence in the students and further lead them to achieve bigger and better accomplishments.

We understand that each student learns differently and therefore customise the lessons according to the student’s needs to maximise their best learning experience. As we follow the Victorian Education Curriculum, we can ensure that what the student is learning at school, they will also be learning at our tuition. This allows them to gain a better understanding of the different topics while they are at school as they will have gone through the content multiple times.

Our tuition is designed to allow students to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed while learning.

At Caroline Springs Tutor, our tutors are not only equipped with excellent teaching skills, but they are also very passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation of geniuses.

All our tutors are highly qualified and must have the following:
• VCE Certificate with an ATAR of 90 or above
• Working with Children Check
• Excellent communication and teaching skills
• Have a great knowledge of subject content in VCE English, and at least one of the following Mathematics subjects: Further Maths, Maths Methods, or Specialist Maths
• Updated with the current Education Curriculum for Primary and Secondary

Watching each student succeed academically and reach their truest potential is the most rewarding part of tutoring and is the core reason why our tuition exists!

If you would like further information or to discuss booking a session, please contact us:

✉︎ info@carolinespringstutoring.com.au | ☏ (03) 8595-0223