The Online Tutoring Experiment

This year, we tried out online tutoring for the first time and it was a huge success. Many tutors and students continued their regular sessions with the help of an online learning management system and video conferencing tool via Zoom. The feedback we received from parents, students and tutors was overwhelmingly positive. We have therefore decided to offer online tutoring as a regular service. Online tutoring will be a brand-new experience for both tutors and students. We therefore appeal for your patience and understanding as we put this experience on trial. Tutors have spent many days learning how to use the program therefore we are familiarise with the program.

How does online tutoring work?

All our tutors have been set up with a ‘classroom’ on Zoom. Instead of lessons being conducted at the regular physical campus location, students have their lessons in this virtual classroom. This virtual classroom is equipped with learning tools and resources. Tutors can readily draw from these tools and resources to explain a concept, provide an example, demonstrate a method, test for understanding or offer opportunities for students to creatively express themselves. We only specialise in English and Maths. Students are able to screen share with us so we are able to see what the student is working on and assist students accordingly. We have the option of engaging in group work with other students in group sessions and that it is consistent with what the Victorian Department of Education is implementing right now.

How to use Zoom?

The sessions will be run via Zoom which is free to download via

•             Best to download on a PC / Laptop with speaker and microphone

•             Please register on Zoom with student name

•             Create your zoom account and add as a contact

Please find attached YouTube link for a Zoom tutorial for beginners

How will we know whether online tutoring works?

Our aim is to help students thrive in school and in life. Online or offline – we will continue to stay true to its mission by emphasizing impact. Tutors have been setting goals with their students at the start of each session. At the end of the session, these goals are reviewed. This practice will continue even in the virtual classroom.

How much will it cost?

Group session (max 4 students)

•             Primary students: $35 (2 hours)

•             Secondary students: $45 (2 hours)

Private one on one (one hour session)

Year 1- 12 : $40 per hour

How do I register?

Please email or SMS 0431 292 303 the following:

•             Student name:

•             Year level:

•             One on one or group:

•             School hours or after hours:

•             Subject (English and/or Maths):

•             Topic:  e.g. English – essay persuasive writing, Maths – Algebra