Group Tuition

Our two-hour, group sessions are suitable for most students as it provides time for tutors to teach new concepts, students to apply what they have learnt under supervision and to ask any follow up questions. Each tutor looks after a small group of five students who are all in similar year levels. This will enable them to have in-depth discussions and bounce ideas off each other which will boost their social skills and confidence. In saying that, each student will also get to have one-on-one attention and support in every class from our tutors as each student will have customised worksheets accordingly to their level.

Prices for 2021 per group session (2 hours):

Grade 1 to 6$45
Year 7 to 10$50
Year 11&12$60
*All prices are subject to change without prior notice 

If you would like further information or to discuss booking a session please contact us ✉︎ | ☏ (03) 8595-0223