My tutor was very thorough and took careful measures in helping me grasp a concept that I had forgotten. She made me really think about how I would come up with the answer. I liked how she was straight forward and to the point but also very patient with me. Thank you so much for your help.

Samantha Richards

I made incredible improvements from primary school to high school. The homework and assistance that the tutors provided me really helped me transition into high school smoothly because I was learning content that was more advance. It was great knowing the content before any of the other students at school.  

Prerna Singh

My greatest academic success happened when I got a perfect score on a algebra test and I got my name called out in class because it was the highest in the class. I was planning on dropping maths the following year because I was struggling so much. It is amazing to me that attending tutoring once a week made such a big difference. Thank you to all my tutors!

Michelle Miller

I love that I am able to get assistance with my school homework, the tutors are able to explain to me step by step in great detail. I am also able to bring ask my tutors to teach me topics in advance which really helped me at school because I was always ahead in class. Thank you so much for your help.

Aaron Thomson